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  • "Books", all amounts, reports, etc., are in the main accounting currency
  • Set of additional currencies accepted on a per-agent basis
  • Packages have fixed setup and recurring prices in each accepted local currency
  • When purchased, conversion rate to main accounting currency (and original amount stored for references)


  • Under Configuration -> Settings, set the currency configuration value to your main accounting currency, if not USD.
  • Under Configuration -> Settings, set the currencies configuration value to the list of accepted additional currencies.
  • Under Configuration -> Billing -> Currency exchange rates, set the exchange rates from each accepted currency to the main accounting currency
  • Under Configuration -> Resellers -> Agents, edit each agent and enable the currencies accepted by that agent
  • Under Configuration -> Packages -> Package Definitions, use the "Per-currency pricing" price plan and set the fixed local prices


  • When adding or editing a customer, set the "Invoicing currency" dropdown to the desired local currency


  • Line item reports show the local billed amounts as "Setup billed" and "Recurring billed"