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  • Designate some employees as installers (Configuration -> Employees -> Employees)
  • Edit their schedules (Configuration -> Employees -> Installer availability)


  • Create (or designate) a queue for appointments (installations, removals, etc.), and set the ticket_system-appointments-queueid config to this queue
  • Make sure the installer employees can own / see / edit tickets in this

queue (add them to a ticketing group with OwnTicket / SeeQueue on that queue or global, etc.)

  • Display appointment type in list (optional): Setup a custom field in this queue and set ticket_system-appointments-custom_field to this field


  • Setup a package category for packages that can schedule appointments
  • In the package category, select a queue for appointments or pick "Agent-specific queue"

Employee rights

(while scheduling is still under heavy dev, once its ready for more general use we'll have default rights and the upgrade do this)

  • Give one or more employee groups "View appointments" and "Make appointment" (in Customer package rights)


  • Appointments tab or section in customer view
  • Tools -> Customers -> Appointments