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batch_card OPTION => VALUE...
Adds a payment for this invoice to the pending credit card batch (see FS::cust_pay_batch), or, if the realtime option is set to a true value, runs the payment using a realtime gateway.
Options may include:
amount: the amount to be paid; defaults to the customer's balance minus any payments in transit.
payby: the payment method; defaults to cust_main.payby
realtime: runs this as a realtime payment instead of adding it to a batch. Deprecated.
invnum: sets cust_pay_batch.invnum.
address1, address2, city, state, zip, country: sets the billing address for the payment; defaults to the customer's billing location.
payinfo, paydate, payname: sets the payment account, expiration date, and name; defaults to those fields in cust_main.
Returns all batched payments (see FS::cust_pay_batch) for this customer.
Optionally, a list or hashref of additional arguments to the qsearch call can be passed.
Returns the total of requests for payments for this customer pending in batches in transit to the bank. See FS::pay_batch and FS::cust_pay_batch


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