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This export sends SNMP SETs to a router using the Net::SNMP package. It requires the following custom fields to be defined on a router. If any of the required custom fields are not present, then the export will exit quietly.

Required custom fields

trango_address - IP address (or hostname) of the Trango AP.; trango_comm - R/W SNMP community of the Trango AP.; trango_ap_type - Trango AP Model. Currently 'access5830' is the only supported option.

Optional custom fields

trango_baseid - Base ID of the Trango AP. See "Generating SU IDs".; trango_apid - AP ID of the Trango AP. See "Generating SU IDs".

Generating SU IDs

This export will/must generate a unique SU ID for each service exported to a Trango AP. It can be done such that SU IDs are globally unique, unique per Base ID, or unique per Base ID/AP ID pair. This is accomplished by setting neither trango_baseid and trango_apid, only trango_baseid, or both trango_baseid and trango_apid, respectively. An SU ID will be generated if the FS::svc_broadband virtual field specified by suid_field export option is unset, otherwise the existing value will be used.

Device Support

This export has been tested with the Trango Access5830 AP.


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