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Random (not much) help

Backoffice side of the signup lives at FS/FS/ClientAPI/

Enhancements to current signup

  • Update the "Billing information" section of the signup page like the backoffice customer add/edit screen - use HTML::Widgets::SelectLayers to display different sections for each billing type.
  • Allow a list of additional (just svc_acct, for now) services besides the primary to be entered.

Customer-specific signup customization #1

These should have configuration values in the backend (, passed in with the rest of the signup_info

  • The postal mail invoice need to be removed - not an option.
  • Email invoice needs to be a required field.
  • The CVV2 filed is NOT Required

Customer-specific signup customizaiton #2

Customer overview

Basically just need to order 1-2 (N?) additional packages, probably service-less. Each should have a package class that controls which packages are listed, I guess.

  • Second Package option for the Modem rental or Purchase.....Required
  • Third Package option for Additional products....cable, on.

Implementation spec

  • Take a look at package classes (Configuration | Provisioning, Services and packages | View/Edit package classes).
  • Add two new configuration values to signup_server-classnum2 and signup_server-classnum3. These would each point to a specific pkg_class record. (ideally this would be 1-N at some point, so if the rest of the code was ready when it becomes easier to specify 1-N values in the config, that'd be great).
  • Add two package selections to the signup page in addition to the "First package" on there now. They should only display if there's a corresponding classnum defined.
  • Each of the additional package selections should only show the packages in the corresponding class. There is no need for a svc_acct service (or any service) to be provisioned like the "First package".
  • The signup process should order the additional packages when selected, etc. (Selecting additonal packages should be optional)

Customer requirements that still need spec clarification

  • The packages need to be more Essential Breeze, $14,99 / 200kb....Could pull the name out of the database also.
  • Make sure the template has Auto bill credit card check..(by default). setting signup_server-payby to CARD and not DCRD in the backend should have done this...