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This is the changelog for the 1.7.4 point release.

For additional changes since 1.7.2, see Freeside:1.7.3:Changelog

For a more detailed, raw log of changes, see the source ChangeLog

Core team

  • Jeremy Davis is now a member of the core team.

Binary packages

  • Experimental packages are available for SLES (SuSE) in addition to Debian and RHEL/CentOS.
  • RPM packages now show the full version number instead of the series and RPM release date.

Trouble ticketing

  • Fix attachment MIME types.


  • Enhanced Sales/Credits/Receipts report/graph: make net receipts clickable, add gross & net cashflow, separate gross/net refunds
  • Big speedup on A/R report
  • Added customer status to advanced customer report


  • Quantity option for one-time charges


Payment history

  • Refactored payment history slightly, add refund receipts, have "unapplied" refunds show like other unapplied/open things.
  • payment and credit applications have separate "apply to refund" choices now, and no auto-refund choice in the invoice dropdown
  • Fixed masking of CC and ACH info on voided payment display


  • Added tear-off coupon
  • Lined up CDR display in columns
  • Added option to show service address
  • Added option for postal invoice fee, with exclusion for one-time charges
  • Added "diable_previous_balance" option to omit previous balance, payment, and credit lines on invoices
  • Added invoice number to filename of invoices emailed as PDF attachments
  • Fixed typeset invoice when service definition names contain chars that need to be latex escaped
  • Changed width of default HTML invoice to 625 in an attempt to print without cutting off the prices in IE8
  • Added ACL and ability to delete invoices to the web interface.


  • For check payments, show "Check #" not "Billing #"


  • Added a "balance over" option to agent-specific invoice send event
  • Spaced out event edit layout for less confusion
  • Changed default weight of cancel & comp events to 80 and 90, so you can place them at the same time as a final realtime event.

Agent payment gateways

  • Updated the dropdown list of agent payment gateways with currently available Business::Onlinepayment modules


  • Added freeside-void-payments script for returned check processing
  • freeside-daily: Added -m option for multi-process billing via job queue (backported from 1.9).
  • Use business-onlinepayment-description config in all cases if present (backported from 1.9)
  • freeside-daily: don't skip vacuuming when using -k
  • Fix real-time ACH voids with IPPay and jety: backport ECHECK_void_requires_account handling


  • add handling of ChilliSpot (and CoovaChilli) Max attributes, specifically ChilliSpot-Max-{Input,Output,Total}-{Octets,Gigawords}
  • require usage warning thresholds to be set explicitly via svc_acct-usage_threshold config (don't default them to 80%)
  • Add the ability for prepaid packages to have usage limits and cancel or suspend if they're hit


  • Re-drag address and router even farther into the century
  • Add svc_broadband-manage_link config option to embed a link to the device's web interface



  • New export to OpenSRS enabling registration and renewal of domains.


  • On upgrade, automatically seed last login/logout from sqlradius databases
  • Start freeside-sqlradius-radacctd by default


  • "Bulk email" feature
  • Welcome to the future, default to Apache 2
  • Added (enabled with config) ability to edit agent_custid
  • Added a config option for the maximum number of job queue jobs to run concurrently
  • Selfservice realtime_collect (backport from 1.9)
  • address1-search config option, enables search of the address field from customer search
  • Added queued-sleeptime config
  • Handle DBIx::DBSchema 0.38 (backport)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed self-service with remembered (masked) CC and ACH data
  • Fixed using new payment duplicate stuff with cc encryption
  • Upgrade fixes for very old databases
  • Agent-virtualize customer # portion of quick payment entry
  • Fixed "illegal query 0" error when cancelling customers
  • Use IPC::Run to run pslatex & add a timeout, this should prevent hanging on template errors
  • Fixed the random "HylaFax support has not been configured" error, caused by cust_bill->fax getting called instead of cust_main->fax field
  • Fixed rare extra ticket showing up on wrong customer record
  • Fixed harmless vestigial select box on svc_www add/edit
  • Fixed visual regression not displaying package and comment on date editing
  • Fixed self-service agent-specific invoice logos
  • Set a character encoding for all pages; this should fix problems with diamond question marks even when the server gets an UTF-8 default setting
  • Fixed bulk email sending error when selecting a single customer payment type
  • Fixed inventory upload
  • Made it possible to use inventory for UIDs instead of counters.
  • Fixed address field display on advanced package search
  • fix rare "Illegal division by zero" error applying things when using weights