Freeside 2.3.x Lifecycle

Freeside version 2.3 will be supported through Q1 2014. It is recommended that all 2.3 users plan to complete their version 3.x upgrade within the next 12 months.

Companies needing support for 2.3 after Q1 2014 are welcome to contact Freeside Internet Services, Inc. for targeted support.

All versions prior to 2.3 are no longer supported. 2.1 support ended Q4 2012, and 1.9 support ended Q4 2011, as per the previous lifecycle statement.

“If the thunder don’t get you then lightning will”

– Ivan

Freeside 2.3.6 released

I’m pleased to announce the release of Freeside version 2.3.6.

This is a maintenance release of the stable 2.3 series. It is intended for sites already using 2.3.x or earlier in production. New installations are advised to start with version 3.x instead.

Download: freeside-2.3.6.tar.gz
MD5: c21a33226b75748fac50975cf51ff6f0
SHA1: 2b2e962768a3a64e1eff73f66a8313a3bf1fe497

Changelog: 2.3.6:Changelog

Upgrading: 2.3.6:Documentation:Upgrading

– Ivan

Freeside 3.0 released

I’m pleased to announce the release of Freeside version 3.0.

This is a major new release which includes new features such as quotations, customer custom fields, quantities, an upgrade to Request Tracker 4.0, and more.

Download: freeside-3.0.tar.gz
MD5: 1584d00431f5d756c99560e1a55aca25
SHA1: 0c0c608eabf89a8f1192b564b0df091415514f3b

Changelog: 3.0:Changelog

Upgrading: 3.0:Documentation:Upgrading

VMware appliance (659mb):
– Bittorrent (preferred):
– Direct download:

– Ivan