Freeside 3.8 Released

I am pleased to announce the release of Freeside version 3.8.

This release on our current 3.x series features:

– Graphical selection of FCC 477 deployment zones and automatic census block lookup
– Stricter password policies for customer passwords
– Tracking of Fiber related connection information
– Viewing of SNMP information on wireless broadband services

Download: freeside-3.8.tar.gz
MD5: 2a8a3346f76cdb777f6aad9f92bf3f30
SHA1: a5b6eda7107c35d429b86308de946315756a4831

Changelog: 3.8:Changelog

Upgrading: 3.x:Documentation:Upgrading

Debian Packages:
Installing on Debian 8

– Jeremy