Freeside 3.5 Released

I am pleased to announce the release of Freeside version 3.5.

This release on our current 3.x series features:

– Final fixes to 477 reporting and submission for re-opened FCC site, improved UI for detecting and correcting errors before submission.
– Fixed census tract lookup for new FFIEC interface
– Updates to the Vitelity API.

Download: freeside-3.5.tar.gz
MD5: ec09beb4c2267e2de89c8faeacda3e3d
SHA1: 7329f12fc3c84387a40026bc16a5b0bda87b5e1d

Changelog: 3.5:Changelog

Upgrading: 3.5:Documentation:Upgrading

VMware appliance (780mb):
– Bittorrent (preferred):
– Direct download:

– Jeremy