WISPAPalooza coupon and training session

Going to WISPAPalooza in Las Vegas this year (October 13th-16th)? Use coupon code FIS136 for a $50 discount on Full Conference Passes to attend the show. Register here.

We have a few spots left in our full day training session on Monday the 13th, covering all aspects of using and administering the software for WISPs and ISPs. Even many experienced users of Freeside often find new features and better ways of doing things, and the cost is nominal. See the full course description and register along with your WISPAPalooza registration.

If you’re a wireless (or wired) service provider and you haven’t yet been to a WISPA show, you definitely owe it to yourself to go to one. The WISPA folks have been doing a great job over the past couple years putting on a top-notch show with useful, non-sales pitch sessions about the real challenges running and growing WISP and ISP businesses.

The WISPAPalooza fall show in Las Vegas has now firmly established itself the leading trade show and do-not-miss event for independent ISPs, both wireless and wired.